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Notre maison à Trégon

Our Holidays house is situated in the west part of France, in Brittany, in department Cotes d'Armor.

The name of the village is Trégon.

The coast is shaped with a lot of beaches beatween cliffs falling to the sea. Lanes are laying along the coast and running in the country-side. The lanes are called custom officer's footpath because they used to watch and survey the shore.

The end part of the coast is called Emerald coast because of the beautiful color of the sea: green like Emerald. The west part is named pink granite coast because the rocks are pink granites and even shingles are pink on beaches.

The climate is mild all the year so it's easy to discover the region even in winter and visit full of small towns and villages bordering the sea.

The first beach is in St Jacut de la mer, two km from Trégon. When it is low tide, you can walk till the Ebihen's Isles and also till the mussels and oysters parks where mussels grow in nets on poles. We call them: moules de bouchots (mussels on poles). They are small but very tasty and delicious.Two producers are selling their own mussels and oysters at St Jacut's main road entry.  The season of production is between june and january. There is a big feast for the beginning of the season.